Who this is for

Bookkeeping services may be relevant to you if you are either a sole trader, in a partnership, own a trust, or run a company.

Bookkeeping services help take the stress out of keeping your tax records, by having you hand over the administrative tasks to us.

It is most beneficial to you only if the benefits outweigh the costs. For example, if you are very time-scarce, and your time would be better spent on things that make you money, engaging a bookkeeper would be worth your while.

Contact us to find out more about our bookkeeping services, and how you might benefit from them.

What you get

Our bookkeeping services include any one or more of the following:

  • Keep record of your tax documentation on your behalf so it is organised, up-to-date, and in an ATO approved format for lodging tax
  • Provide you with a bookkeeper manual if you’d like to keep record of your own tax documentation in an ATO approved format (a more DIY approach)
  • Work with youto determine the best way to keep your records under control and up to date
  • Recommend any accounting software that will work best for your business, and help you systemise and automate your tax records


Bookkeeping services are priced on an hourly rate for providing either consultation, or keeping record of your tax documentation on your behalf.

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