The Advantages Of Using Tax Accountants Like Melissa Simpson To Lodge Your Tax Returns Geraldton

If you are an income earner in Geraldton, and you want to have the peace of mind knowing that your tax returns Geraldton is lodged properly, and done in a way that works to your favour – using the professional help of tax accountants like Melissa Simpson is a wise choice.

Melissa is the current CEO and owner of ITP Western Australia (WA) Regional – a tax accounting firm that helps Australian small businesses, families, and individuals with their tax returns. Australian owned and operated, ITP WA Regional has 6 offices in the WA region – and has maintained its reputation as a trusted income tax professional firm.

How A Tax Accountant’s Services Can Make Your Life Easier
When you have a tax accountant to work with you, alongside a secure online system to use whenever and wherever you like – you never have to worry about your tax returns ever again. Melissa and ITP WA Regional can make this all possible for you.

Whether you want to get your tax returns Geraldton sorted out from your home or your office – they can help you throughout the whole process of electronic lodgement. You only need to follow these simple steps:

1. Provide all relevant information
Before Melissa Simpson and the highly trained tax accountants at ITP WA Regional can take over, they would need you to provide all the relevant information about yourself. These include your: contact details, family, employment, other details about your income, and all the possible deductions you want to include in your tax return.

2. Let them do the tax return preparation
Once you have provided all the financial documents and contact information that you think could help in maximising your tax refund, they will move on to preparing your tax return. If there are any items that need clarification, they will discuss these with you so you can get the strongest tax benefits.

3. Get your tax return lodge electronically
They will advise you of the outcome of the preparation. But before they go ahead and lodge your tax returns Geraldton electronically, you would have to review and sign the paperwork first.

4. Receive your tax refund
Upon signing your completed tax return and after the ATO processes it, you can expect to receive your tax refund in as early as 10 working days.

5. Pay fully tax deductible fees
Melissa Simpson and the tax accountants at ITP WA Regional makes sure that their fees are competitive. If a refund is available, you would even be pleased to know that they offer the ‘Fee From Refund’ service which requires no upfront costs from you. Their fees start at $125.

Melissa and ITP WA Regional provides unlimited year-round tax advice and support to all their clients. This is to take the burden out of tax for you, and to make sure that you get a maximised refund and pay minimised tax.

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