Aiding the Citizens of Kalgoorlie with their Income Tax Issues

Kalgoorlie is a city in the Goldfields-Esperance Region of Western Australia. It’s actually more accurate to call the city “Kalgoorlie-Boulder” since Kalgoorlie and Boulder have joined as one as a city. With a population of 31,107, Kalgoorlie is a prosperous city filled with businesses and employment opportunities. In fact, the city is famous as one of the mining capitals in WA. This means that the citizens in Kalgoorlie are earning good salaries, both those who are originally from the city and those who have moved in.

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics,the average taxable income for taxable workers in Kalgoorlie is at $72, 639. While Kalgoorlie’s workers are indeed enjoying a good amount of income, the cost of living in the region is still pretty high, which is why it might be important to get tax accountants if you are not too sure in calculating your personal tax online or offline.

If you are a citizen living in Kalgoorlie, you can’t ignore that time of the year when you have to settle your dues to the government. Besides, it’s also an exciting time of the year, since you’ll have the opportunity to be rewarded by the government for your contributions. However, filing for an income tax can be bothersome. Calculations are missed and you’ll be getting an unfair share of your personal tax as a result. If you don’t want this to happen, then let ITP WA Regional take care of all your income tax worries and issues.


ITP WA Regional CEO Melissa Simpson believes that the citizens in Kalgoorlie have the right to enjoy their precious time with their families and friends instead of pondering on a desk, worrying about their income tax returns. Since this is the company’s mission, ITP WA Regional has the best professional tax accountants all over Western Australia. ITP WA Regional offers the following services for all their clients:

  • Tax Return preparation for individuals, including all types of complex returns and issues. ITP WA Regional serves not just individuals, but businesses as well.
  • Tax Return preparation for investors, small business owners, corporations, primary producers and trust returns. ITP WA Regional believes that business owners, whether big or small, should get a fair share of their income tax returns.
  • Accounting and bookkeeping services for all businesses, including all GST related activity.
  • We have tax accountants ready to help both private and business owners with tax advice and tips on how to calculate income tax properly. Appointment is necessary.

Business owners are also welcome. We believe that business owners do not have the luxury to spend most of their time worrying and calculating their income tax returns. This is why some companies hire their own accountants. However, this is a very expensive solution. ITP WA Regional have the best tax accountants for a service fee that is reasonable and affordable. This gives business owners peace of mind while managing his/her business.
With ITP WA Regional, you can breathe easy as they’ll take care of everything when it comes to income tax returns. Whether you are from Karratha or from any city within Western Australia, you can count on ITP WA Regional to help you with all your tax returns issues and concerns. Visit their website at and schedule an appointment with their professional tax accountants so you can sit back and relax while they handle everything when it comes to filing your income tax returns.

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