Make The Most Of Your Tax Returns Geraldton This Financial Year – Melissa Simpson And ITP Western Australia (WA) Regional Can Help

Filling out forms and collecting all the receipts are only some of the tasks all taxpayers dread to do during tax time. Although it’s a fact that we hate sorting out tax returns Geraldton, there’s also a good side to it. We somewhat get excited about the possibility of receiving a cheque back from the Australian Taxation Office. This is the money we could use for the family holiday, or to pay off our credit card bills.

If you were little disappointed by the sum of cheque you received last financial year, you could do better this year perhaps with the professional help of tax accountants like Melissa Simpson.

Melissa is the current CEO and owner of ITP Western Australia (WA) Regional. For over 23 years, she (alongside her team of tax accountants) have served Western Australian small businesses, families, and individuals – maintaining their reputation as trusted income tax professional firm that is both Australian operated and owned.

Make Sure You’re Not Missing Out

One of the most common cases Melissa and the ITP WA Regional team have witnessed amongst the average Aussie workers is that they don’t have too many options to get a better tax returns Geraldton. The main reason is that they are on a fixed income, and can only find a few legal deductions to make.

The good news is that it’s possible to get a better tax return and receive better tax benefits. The key is to look at all the angles of legal deductions. To do this, you need to learn more and understand how the tax system works.

Four Areas To Look Into For A Better Tax Return

1. Education Rebate
Education rebate are the legitimate expenses incurred in your children’s education which you can claim. If you were not able to claim this last year, you can consult with Melissa Simpson to make sure that you do not miss out on it this financial year.

2. Family Tax Benefit (FTB)
Don’t confuse childcare rebate with FTB though, as they are two different things. You can claim FTB through Centrelink. If this is something you were not able to include in your tax returns Geraldton last year, be sure to include it this year so you can receive a cheque from the ATO with a higher amount compared to last year’s.

3. Self-Education
If you are currently doing a course in the same field with your work, you would be pleased to know that this is also tax deductible. The ITP Western Australia (WA) Regional team would be glad to help in sorting out your travel expenses between uni and work, or TAFE.

4. Motor Vehicle Expenses
There are a few methods you could use when maintaining a record of the expenses incurred for your motor vehicle. But the most efficient way is to keep logbook for three months, and you can use this for five years. Melissa Simpson, alongside the ITP Western Australia (WA) Regional could very well help you prepare and lodge your tax returns – and make sure you don’t overlook these important areas.

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