Melissa Simpson – Helping Kalgoorlie Citizens Make The Most Of Their Tax Returns

Known as Kalgoorlie-Boulder, the city is a popular mining spot for gold, petroleum, and natural gas. Because of its economic activities, more and more people are attracted to settling and finding jobs in the city.

Why Kalgoorlie Is A Good Place To Live In

Melissa Simpson, the CEO of ITP WA Regional, believes that the city has a lot of business and employment opportunities – and that its citizens (whether they are originally from the place, or have moved in) can enjoy earning good salaries.

This is backed by the data provided by the Australian Bureau of Statistics which states that $72,639 is the average taxable income for taxable workers in the city.
Although the workers in Kalgoorlie can truly enjoy a good amount of income, they also need to adjust to the high cost living. One way to cope with this is to have the minimum tax returns and maximum refund. This is where Melissa’s professional help can come in handy.

How She Can Help

She understands that the whole process of filing for tax return can be a pain. As the current owner and CEO of ITP WA Regional, she helps the workers in the city with their tax concerns and issues. This is especially useful for those who are not too sure about calculating their own tax returns both offline and online.

Melissa believes that the city’s citizens should not be wasting their precious time worrying about their income tax returns – and rather should be enjoying time with their families and friends. This is why she made sure to put together a great team of tax accountants for ITP WA Regional so she can help address the tax return needs of the people in the city.

Tax Return Preparation For Individuals

As an income earner in Kalgoorlie, you want to have that sense of clarity and confidence that your tax returns are properly lodged. Most importantly, you want it to be prepared in a way that maximises the benefits to your lifestyle. Melissa and her ITP WA Regional team can professionally help you through that process.

Tax Return Preparation For Business Owners

As a business owner, keeping track of all your financial responsibilities can be difficult, especially if there are other important administrative tasks you need to sort out. Melissa and team of tax accountants can provide you the professional help you need at a reasonable and affordable fee.

If you feel that Melissa Simpson and ITP WA Regional are the right people to do your Kalgoorlie tax returns preparation, you can book for a free 15 minute consultation to discuss your needs.

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