Serious Financial Hardship, Tax Returns Karratha, And Your Tax Refund – Learn More

If you are experiencing serious financial hardship, and you are expecting a tax refund from your tax returns Karratha – you can liaise with the Australian Taxation Office to get your tax returns or tax refund prioritised. Once the ATO confirms that you are qualified for hardship processing, you can expect to get your tax refunds delivered within five (5) working days.

NOTE: If you have external liabilities with other departments including Child Support or Department of Human Services (Centrelink) – the turnaround times of your hardship processing may be affected. Also, if you have multiple returns to be processed, the hardship processing turnaround times may be longer. It would be good to seek the advice of tax accountants on this matter.

What’s more is that the assistance of a tax accountant may come in handy especially if you are looking to claim hardship so you can pay the debt you owe to any of the mentioned external agencies.

All About Serious Financial Hardship

Serious Financial Hardship #1: For Individuals
If you are left unable to provide for yourself, your family and other dependents – you are considered to be in serious hardship. These are the critical circumstances in which you need tax refund from your tax returns Karratha urgently. The basic necessities that get affected by such hardship include:
- Food
- Accommodation
- Clothing
- Medical Treatment
- Education, amongst others.

Some of the factors that commonly contribute to serious financial hardship include:
- Impacts of natural disaster
- Serious illnesses
- Financial misfortune
- Family tragedy, amongst others.

Serious Financial Hardship #2: For Businesses
Businesses can also be affected by serious financial hardships, in which you urgently need to receive the refund from your tax returns so you can continue with your business. The difficulties commonly associated with serious business financial hardship include:
- Period of review limitations
- Disconnection of an essential service
- Business closure
- Repossession of the vehicle you use to run your business
- Facing imminent legal action for not paying debts
- Settlements
- Court orders, amongst others.

If your current circumstances are not related to any of the above, you may not be qualified to take advantage of the serious financial hardship priority processing. However, it would be good to consult tax accountants about your financial activities and find out whether or not you can prioritise the processing of your tax returns Karratha.

How To Check The Progress Of Your Tax Returns
The ATO provides a service that allows you to check the status of the tax return you have lodged. This service provides information about individual tax returns only – which means partnerships, trusts, or companies are not included.

There are three easy ways for you to check the progress of your tax returns:
1. Use your secure login to conduct a complete search on the ATO website.
2. Use your tax file number (TFN) to do a quick search on the ATO website.
3. Use the ATO’s self-help phone service to find out the updates.

If none of the three options worked to your advantage, you might want to consider some help from tax accountants in your local area.

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