How Tax Accountants Can Help You Get Maximised Tax Refund From Your Tax Returns Broome – Tax Returns Australia 101

Broome is a progressive tourist town in Western Australia that has permanent residents at around 14,436 – and its residents can go up to 45,000 in a month especially during the tourist season.

If you belong to the taxable residents in Broome, you know very well that it can be a real pain preparing and lodging tax returns Broome.

Filing tax returns Australia can be frustrating and exhausting, especially if you do it on your own. The good news is that tax accountants are there to gladly take over all the work for you. You would even be more pleased to know that they can help not only in making your life easier by sorting things for you, but also making sure that you get a maximise tax refund.

One legitimate and effective way to get a maximised tax refund is to lengthen your list of deductions. The key here is to keep track of all your financial records so when you list your tax deductions, you can save money and you can expect a larger tax refund.

Here are some of the tax deductions you should not forget to include in your tax returns Australia:

1. Union Fees
Union fees are one of the many things people pay for. Unfortunately, most of them forget that they do pay for these fees. You are entitled to a tax deduction if you belong to this group that pay such fees. On your tax return, you will see that such deduction falls under work related expenses.

2. Donations
Donations you have made to a charitable organisation that are over $2 can be included in your deductions for as long as you have the receipts to present. You need to know that not all donations made to non-profit organisations can be considered as deductions though – only those made to charities. If you have some questions about this, consultation with tax accountants can definitely help.

3. Medical Expenses
If your total net expenses is over $2,120 – you have the right to claim a 20% tax offset. When deducting medical expenses, you can include the following in your tax returns Broome:

- Dentist, orthodontists, dental mechanics
- In-vitro fertilisation treatment programme
- Laser eye surgery
- Optometrists, opticians, and the contact lense or prescription glasses costs
- Artificial eyes or limbs
- Hearing aids
- Carer costs (for wheelchair or bed confined, or the blind)
- Medical aids (prescribed by your doctor), amongst others.

4. Rental Property Expenses
There are deductions that can be claimed under rental property expenses. So, if you have a property that you rent out, you can include the following deductions in your tax returns Australia:

- Secretary, or bookkeeping fees
- Security patrol fees
- Pest control
- Bank fees
- Gardening and lawn
- Property maintenance
- Property inspection
- Travel and care expenses for rent collection

These are only four of the hundreds of tax deductions you can include in your tax returns Broome this financial year. Talk to tax accountants and find out more ways on how you can maximise your tax refund.

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