Tax Return Online – A Fast, Secure, And Easy Way To Lodge Tax Returns Kununurra

It is important to lodge your tax returns Kununurra every year. This way, the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) can work out how much tax is payable. Whether your are going to file tax return online or offline, you should ensure the correctness of your tax returns. If you are not too sure in sorting out your personal tax, it would be good to get the assistance of a tax accountant.

All About Lodging Your Tax Return

The coverage of tax returns financial year ends in 30th June. With the information you provide, the ATO can work out the amount of your tax debt or tax refund. The good news is that if you have paid too much tax, you will be entitle to a refund. This is where lodging your tax return becomes the key to getting your money back.

Preparing and lodging your tax return can easily be done online, using e-tax. You still need to mail a paper return, though. Or you could use the help of a registered tax account to make your life easier.

How To Know If You Need To Lodge A Tax Return Or Not

Most people need to lodge tax returns Kununurra every year – however, there are some exceptions. The basic rule is that if you have taken any form of payment, you (more often than not) need to lodge a tax return. If you don’t lodge a tax return when you are supposed to, you would have to face some penalties with the ATO. It’s best to hear the advice of a tax accountant about this.

Two Ways To Lodge Your Tax Returns

1. Using e-tax
ATO has created e-tax to for you to prepare and lodge your individual tax return online – in a free, secure and fast way. The best part about e-tax is that your tax refunds can be issued in as early as 12 business days. Once you have consulted with your tax accountant and all your requirements are prepared, you can begin using e-tax.

2. Using paper tax return
If you prefer doing things by mail, you can opt to use the paper tax return for individuals. The downside of using this, though, is that you will receive your refunds (if any) a bit longer – normally within 50 business days of lodgement.

Getting Assistance When Lodging Tax Returns
If you think your tax situation is pretty straightforward, you can ask the help of your family or friends when lodging tax return online or offline. However, for those who have more complex tax returns Kununurra, the assistance of tax accountants might be the best choice. You can use ATO’s Tax Help programme as an alternative too, if you have simple tax affairs and if you have a low income.

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