Tax Returns Australia 101 – Do You Need To Lodge Your Tax Returns Kalgoorlie?

Kalgoorlie city, also known as Kalgoorlie-Boulder, is a popular mining spot for gold, petroleum, and natural gas. But the city isn’t just popular for its large mining fields, it is also known for the reputable tax services it provides to help the locals save time and money when it comes to preparing their tax returns Kalgoorlie.

Before you go ahead and search for a tax accounting help from these professionals, it would be good to have a consultation about your tax situation first. You might have a lot of questions in your mind at the moment that need some clarifications. Perhaps, you might not even be sure whether you really need to lodge tax returns Australia. Here’s a short guide to help you find out:

If any of the following situations apply to you, then you need to lodge a tax return:

1. You were an Australian resident during 2012 to 2013, and:

- You used PAYG (Pay As You Go) instalment or withholding system to pay your tax returns Kalgoorlie.
- Taxes were withheld from the payments made to you.

2. You were qualified for the pensioners and seniors tax offset, and your individual income for rebate (excluding your spouse’s) was higher than:
- $28,974, if you lived in for the full year with your spouse.
- $31,279, if you had a spouse, but you had to live separately because of health issues, or one of you had to live in a nursing home.
- $32,279, if you were separated, widowed or single at any time during the year.
To come up with such calculations, professional services of a tax returns Australia accountant can make your life easier.

3. You were qualified for the pensioners and seniors tax offset. However, you received taxable payments including ‘Australian Government allowances and payments’ (Discuss this with a tax consultant to learn more).

When added together, it sums your taxable income to $20,542 or higher – then you need to lodge your tax returns Kalgoorlie.

4. You were not eligible for pensioners and seniors tax offset. You were not able to receive payments such as ‘Australian Government allowances and payments’ nor ‘Australian Government pensions and allowances’, as well.

However, your taxable income was higher than:

- $1, if you are not an Australian resident and you had taxable income while staying in Australia (and the non-resident withholding tax was not applied to it).
- $416, if your age in 30 June 2013 was under 18, and your income was not wages or salary.
- $18,200, if for the full year you were an Australian resident for tax purposes.

There are many details not covered in this brief. To learn more about your tax situation and your tax returns Australia obligations, it would be good to hear what your tax accountant in Kalgoorlie can advise you.

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