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According to a Yahoo report last November 7, workers in Exmouth have the highest average total income from regions that are not near Australia’s capital region. In 2010-2011, the town’s average total income is at $86, 828, which probably means that anyone working in Exmouth may be living comfortable compared to the rest of the workers throughout Australia.

If you’re living in WA’s town of mystery and you are, indeed, earning this much money, it’s important to plan your money, especially when you need to file for tax returns. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, the average taxable income for taxable workers in Exmouth is at $72, 639. While Exmouth’s workers are indeed enjoying a good amount of income, the cost of living in the region is still pretty high, which is why it might be important to get tax accountants if you are not too sure in calculating your personal tax online or offline.

This is where ITP WA Regional comes in. ITP WA Regional serves the towns in Western Australia and is an Australian company by heart. For over 23 years, CEO Melissa Simpson has helped countless residents and business owners all over Western Australia when it comes to filing their income tax returns and other tax concerns. If you are living in Exmouth and you need help with your personal tax, then don’t hesitate to reach ITP WA Regional.

ITP WA Regional takes great pride in giving every resident in Exmouth with tax returns that builds the lowest possible tax that is legally payable and mathematically accurate. The company only uses ATO approved taxation software, which results in a more accurate and faster tax refund. ITP WA Regional guarantees each client that they will receive their income tax return within 10 days after signing the completed tax return.

ITP offers the following services:

  • Tax Return preparation for individuals, including all types of complex returns and issues. ITP WA Regional serves not just individuals, but businesses as well.
  • Tax Return preparation for investors, small business owners, corporations, primary producers and trust returns. ITP WA Regional believes that business owners, whether big or small, should get a fair share of their income tax returns.
  • Accounting and bookkeeping services for all businesses, including all GST related activity.

If you need more advice when it comes to your businesses, then don’t fret. ITP WA Regional has professional tax accountants who are more than happy to help you out with all your tax concerns. We understand that business owners don’t have the luxury of time. If a business owner or manager spends all his/her time filing for income tax returns, then time needed for managing the business is lost. The same can also be said for parents and families.

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