Business and Tax Returns in Harmony

The town of Geraldton is located in Western Australia and has a population of 38,030 people. The town is also famous for its historical sites and natural tourist spots. The town is also considerably wealthy, with citizens earning as much as $38,661 average income in 2008 according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics. This is why most residents in Geraldton are thinking of going into business. The only thing that worries them is the tax rate.

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, there are 15,325 taxable residents in Geraldton. The rate is also increasing every year. It is indeed a real pain to handle a small business and, at the same time, deal with tax returns per year, therefore, it’s a good idea to get the services of professional tax accountants from various companies that offer tax returns services.

If you are a business owner in Geraldton and you need help with your tax returns, then ITP WA Regional is here to help you. CEO Melissa Simpson and her team of professional tax accountants have 23 years of experience in helping business owners when it comes to dealing with their tax returns. Of course, she understands the pains and gains of building a small business too, which is why Melissa offers these simple tips for Geraldton residents who are thinking of building their own businesses:


  • Write your own Business Plan – Like I said, planning. Building a business is just like molding hot steel. You have to heat it and cool it while hammering down the steel to make it straight and smooth. Writing your own business plan is extremely important, as it will guide you to the right direction when faced with decisions and how to run your business seamlessly.
  • When in doubt, ask the professionals! – The people who made Coca Cola, Mcdonalds, and all those gigantic companies really had to start from scratch before they got their first millions. However, that does not mean that you have to follow their footsteps as well. Technology has made it possible for aspiring businessmen to ask for business training and assistance from professionals who excel in building a successful business. It’s an investment to get one, so why not start your business by actually learning from the pros?
  • The location actually matters – If I bet you a thousand dollars over the importance of business location to every dummy out there, then I’d probably be a very rich man now! The location of a business is very important, but here’s my advice. When you plan on building a business within the ‘heart of the city’, just make sure that there’s not much COMPETITION in your area. Oh, and if there is competition, just make sure that you’re up to the challenge. It’s kinda easier to set up your first business in an area where there’s just a few competitors!
  • The Legal System of your Business – Establishing your business’s legal system is very important and it’s not just limited to a multi-billion dollar business, you hear? Are you planning on building your business on sole proprietorship? Or do you have a few partners that you’d like to invite over for investing in your business? Whatever the case, make sure that you get the best legal system for your business.
  • Business Licenses and Permits – Finally, make sure that you get all the necessary legalities for your business. Whether it be business licenses, permits, and registering for taxes, both local and state, make sure to get them all. Otherwise, the Federal government’s gonna be after your case and you don’t want that to happen.

Finally, if you have any problems at all when it comes to filing tax returns for your businesses, then give ITP WA Regional a call!

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